Free Prostate Cancer Screenings

A simple blood test can detect early signs of prostate cancer. All this month, ETMC is hosting their 9th annual, free prostate screenings.   By taking a sample of blood, doctors can determine the level of the prostate specific antigen. If levels are elevated that's a sign of prostate cancer. Doctors say the earlier it's detected the more options you have.

"Last year we screened 1400 men of that 1400 we found 64 who had abnormal PSA's and may have had prostate cancer and never knew it," says Dr. James Kolker, Radiation Oncologist of ETMC.

You are eligible for screening if you have 1 or more of the following: you are 50 or more years of age, are 40 or more years of age and are Arican-American, are 40 or more years of age and have a family history of prostate cancer.

To find the location nearest, and other requirements call ETMC at 1-800-850-7050. Again that's 1-800-850-7050. Screenings are free and available for the entire month of June.