Freedom Fighter: Dutch Schorr

Even twenty-seven years after his retirement fro the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Submarine Force, Dutch Schorr still can't talk about specific submarine capabilities or secret missions. Schorr calls himself a "Boomer Sailor", serving during the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Those who have read the popular novel "Red October" have some inkling of what life was like for Submariners during that time. Schorr says Submariners are a special breed of men. He calls them "Cowboys of the Sea". Submariners are gone from home months at a time, are sometimes submerged weeks at a time, and take turns sleeping in beds the size of coffins. It's not a life for the claustrophobic or the squeemish, but it is a life that attracts the adventurous. Dutch Schorr retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander in 1989. He and his wife of thirty-eight years, Cindy, make their home in Tyler.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.