Longview Family Restaurant Wins Blue Ribbon

A Longview restaurant that has distinguished itself with perfect scores over a one year period, earns a blue ribbon award.   The small family owned downtown restaurant "Stir Krazy Kafe" at 123 East Tyler street, has become a favorite among the lunch set in Longview. They've gone through a whole year without any violations from the health department. One constant is cleanliness.

"Keep things clean and neat and tidy, that type stuff" says manager Kathryn Kolarik.

For their outstanding effort they have been awarded their first blue ribbon award.

"Kathryn, its a pleasure to present you with this KLTV blue ribbon award today this award is traditionally given to restaurants and establishments who consistently score a perfect score of a on their report congratulations" said blue ribbon presenter Barbara Smith of KLTV.

One of the secrets to their success is simple home spun charm, they invite people into their business like they would to their kitchen at home.

"The way we treat everybody is we treat them like they're family and we've got a lot of loyal customers so we see the same faces a lot" Kolarik says.

They're meticulous about every last detail, from fresh ingredients in their food, to a friendly greeting of every customer.

"To me it's just common sense , doing what the health department is helpful they tell you what you need to do , follow what they say, commons sense items things that you would do at home" she says.

And the owners say they plan to keep treating customers like family.

Bob Hallmark reporting.