7 Year Old Boy Found Abandoned In Storage Unit

Child Abandonment Suspect
Child Abandonment Suspect

Officials need your help in finding two East Texas parents.   They are Renee Lingard, and her husband Garlon Lingard.

Warrants will be issued for these two, for child endangerment and child abandonment.   Earlier today (Thursday), officials were repossessing a storage unit in southwest Tyler. Within 30 minutes of clearing out the storage, they found a 7 year old boy. They also found drug paraphernalia and methamphetamines.

Frank Creath, Constable, Precinct Two said, "I asked one my deputies to ask the boy where he lives and send him home. The deputy asked him where he lives, and the boy said 'I live here.' Where do you live, so you can go home? He said this is my home, then we realized the (the child) actually lives here."

The 7 year old is in CPS custody at this time.