Grease Bullet: "Does It Work?"

If it can save you time in the kitchen, "Does It Work?" is going to test it. The Grease Bullet promises no scrubbing, and some pretty amazing results, pictured right on the package.

The bullet shape of the container is really just a gimmick. The magic is the disintegrating tablets stacked inside.

First we need a sink full of hot tap water. And, of course we need some nasty cookware like the stuff shown on the Grease Bullet package. We found some dirty burner drip pans, a pan with some baked on brownie and a skillet with burned on sauce and cheese.

A quick review of the instructions reveals some things they don't put in bold letters on the front of the package. You need to scrape off any excess food and for "tough jobs," you'll want to use two Grease Bullet tablets. The instructions also warn you to use gloves while handling the Grease Bullet tablets, but right on the package a woman is holding a tablet with her bare hands.

We plopped two tablets in the water and waited ten minutes for them to dissolve, all the while stirring the water per the directions.

Finally we put the pans in the water and begin waiting the minimum 30 minutes.

In the end, the browning pan still had browning on the edges.  The stovetop drip pans were not much better. They were still covered with black gunk. And the pan with baked on sauce and cheese was still messy, but to the Grease Bullet's credit, the gunk was softened and most was easily removable with a brush.

Still, was the Grease Bullet the success it shows on the package? Was our cookware spotless and shining? Not even close.

We tried another tablet and waited an hour this time and the Grease Bullet still didn't do the job. "Does It Work?" Certainly not like it does on the package. We're pretty sure we could get the same result with dish washing detergent and hot water.

We give the Grease Bullet a "no."

We got the Grease Bullet at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $9.99. You get 12 tablets per package. Target also carries this product.

Joe Terrell, reporting.