Police Educate Children On Bike Safety

With summer vacation officially here, more children will be out riding their bikes, but is your child properly trained to ride one?   This afternoon, Tyler Police teamed up with Wal-Mart and held its annual Bicycle Safety Rodeo. Officers rode along with children, teaching them proper hand signals and how to understand traffic signs. They also educated children and their parents on the importance of wearing a helmet.

"The biggest error that we see, a lot of times is they don't enforce their kids to wear helmets, and that's the biggest thing because head injuries are the most common occurrence on children, especially during the summer when they are out riding," said Tyler Police Department Sergeant David Hall.

Children that don't have a helmet, received a free one from Wal-Mart today. One other safety tip, make sure your child's bike is the right size. A bike that is too large can be hard for a child to operate.

Molly Reuter reporting, mreuter@kltv.com