Game Wardens Warn Boaters To Be Safe This Holiday Weekend

The holiday weekend means more traffic, not just on the roads, but on the water as well. This week, Texas Parks and Wildlife kicked off it's boat safety week.   Officials say because of low lake levels this year, boaters have more to look out for. For example, tree stumps. Game Wardens say Lake Palestine is two feet down, exposing hundreds of stumps that are not always easy to see. The weather this weekend could also play a factor.

"I'm not sure if we are going to have wind warnings on all our lakes, but it's certainly breezy out here today, and it's suppose to be this weekend," said Chris Green, Smith County Game Warden. With the wave action, sometimes you'll see a stump in the water and sometimes you won't because of the wave, so that becomes a hazard."   Game Wardens also say they will be out in full force this weekend, and will be looking for certain items in your boat.   One, life jackets for everyone in your boat. Children thirteen and under must be wearing the life jacket. Also, make sure you have proof of ownership with you, and all boats must have some sort of sound devise to use in an emergency, like a horn or whistle. Last, you must have a fire extinguisher.

Molly Reuter, reporting.