Students Show Off Fancy Footwork At End Of Year Dance

These kids can swing.  They can tango, and when the music gets a little funkier, they can freestyle with the best of  them.

Since the school year began, these homeschoolers have been taking ballroom dancing from Sal Landeros. He started teaching a home school dance class five years ago with just ten students. Now, he has more than 70.

"Everybody kept telling each other how much fun they were having. Some of the parents kept telling other parents, and the next thing you know, I just had a lot of kids," Sal said.

Charlie Peterson was one of Sal's first homeschool students signed up by his parents. When he found out they wanted him to take ballroom, he was mortified.

"I absolutely hated them for it. Wanted nothing to do with it," said Peterson.

Eight years later, and Charlie's hooked, competing on the international ballroom circuit, and even teaching the next generation of dancers.

"It's almost like you form a relationship with that partner, even if you never see that person again, and it was just for that one dance. You've created a trust, almost a bond in that one song," said Peterson.

It's that bond that other students say keeps them coming back week after week.

Allison Rogers has been taking for four years.

"The atmosphere. Everybody out here has so much fun, and it's so much fun to be around all my friends," Rogers said.

Julie Graves has been taking for 2.

She says, "I really like the people here, and I really like Sal."

Sal's classes aren't just about dancing. He says ballroom, is a lesson in manners.

"What I'm trying to teach them is how to be nice little gentlemen and nice little ladies," said Sal.

That's a lesson they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: