Trashing East Texas: Longview Business Cited For Illegal Dumpsite

One Longview business has been cited several times for a mountain of trash, which has become a haven for mosquitoes, rodents and snakes.

The health district says, the Longview business responsible is called, A-Service Motors, a recycling business. The litter is piled up near a residential area, at the intersection of Estes Parkway and Nimitz street. It's also close to a care center for special needs adults.

"It's a big problem its a dangerous situation I think," said area adult care worker, Sabrina Lewis.

Mounds of cardboard, wood, oil drums and old tires litter a fenced off area of the A-Service Motors' recycling business.

"This creates a haven for snakes, rats and any kind of vermin, mosquitoes, just created a big den for them," said Longview health inspector Darren Mixon.

The owner, Harold Nave, has been cited three times over the past year to clean up the trash, but the health department says nothing has been done.

Some neighbors say there has been a problem with snakes, a parent of one of the children staying here say that they killed a copperhead that came across from this property.

"We've seen several snakes within the last year or so , last year we had a big problem we've seen at least 5 and one was even in the house," Lewis said.

But Nave said he intends on recycling what looks to be trash.

"We're bailing paper for recycling to ship, I haven't had any complaints" said Nave.

Nearby residents say the trash is an eyesore, and inspectors say it's a health hazard.

"Products here have obviously become trash now , pallets drums this has basically become a trash heap on the side of the business this is not recycle material anymore," Mixon said.

Care workers who work close to the property worry, saying it will affect special needs adults when they're outside.

Nave faces a possible state jail felony for littering and forfeiture of his property if he does not clean it up. He has already been fined $500  by the city.

Bob Hallmark reporting.