East Texans Against Sale Of KTPB Radio Station

The only station bringing the sounds of classical music to East Texas may soon be gone. The Kilgore College radio station, KTPB, made an announcement, saying it's in the process of being sold. The station could be on it's way to changing to a Christian music format.     This classical music may soon be off the airwaves, that's if KTPB is sold; something this group of East Texans are trying to prevent.

"Our purpose is to find out as citizens what we can do to stop this because we feel like our community our area will be poorer for the loss of this public radio station," says Otis Carroll, against sale of KTPB.

"We feel that KTPB is essential to the fabric of our community, not only to the arts community but to the community as whole they have been instrument and catalyst as collaborative efforts in our community," says Nancy Wrenn, Executive Director of East Texas Symphony Orchestra.

Yesterday, the FCC gave public notice about the proposed sale. East Texans have 30 days to voice their opinions.   Chris Moore, Coordinator of Public Information at Kilgore College says the sale of the station is in the best interest of the college.

"It's going to financially benefit the college and it will give a great financial impact to the college selling the radio station," says Moore.

Kilgore College will receive more than 2.4 million dollars for the radio station.

"It was not overnight decision, it was a decision that the board voted on unanimous and we feel that the number one impact of the college," says Moore.

The station has been on the airwaves for 15 years and if turned off... "There are 5 full time employees and once the sale of the station is completed their employment will ceases with Kilgore College," says Moore.

Despite, what the college wants, some hope the FCC will hear their voices and preserve KTPB for the community.   The FCC must sign off on the sale before it's final. East Texans have until June 23rd to express their concerns.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com