Honor Student Won't Graduate Because Of Test Scores

When Nasi Mindevska enrolled at Canton High School she could have chosen to just attend classes without getting credit. Instead, she decided to try and get her diploma, which would be a much harder, longer road.

Nasi says, "I feel like, if I come here for one exchange year, and I don't receive my diploma, "Why did I come here? Why did I stay?"

She's earned an A average, and has even been awarded as an outstanding student by her drama teacher. So when she got the results back from her TAKS Test, she was devastated because she didn't pass the science portion. That means she won't be graduating with her senior class.

"I feel like I lose everything. I froze, and after that, I walked across the street. My host mom was waiting for  me, and I cried," Nasi said.

Her host father, Lynn, says he's  never seen anyone work as hard as Nasi.

He said, "In the morning when we get up, she's studying. When we go to bed, she's studying. Her work ethic is incredible."

They've asked the school district to at least recognize Nasi during the ceremony like some other districts do under similar circumstances, but at last weeks school board meeting the district voted she will not be allowed to participate.

Superintendent Jerome Stuart said, "It's very difficult to say to any individual that you haven't met our standards, and yet to be fair to those other people that have met our standards, including other foreign exchange students, it's just one of those things where we say, "This is the standard. I'm sorry you didn't meet it, and we're going to stick to it."

Nasi says she'll retake the TAKS test in Bulgaria, and ultimately get her diploma, but after Friday night, the chance of ever participating in a graduation ceremony will be gone forever.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com