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"Does It Work?"-12/12/06

Floam: "Does It Work?"

Need a great stocking stuffer?  We've found a product called Floam.  It's just the right size to stuff down in a stocking.  And the price is right too.  But, "Does It Work?"

Floam is "fun you can feel." For those of you more technically inclined. It's a "microbead crafting compound." We gathered up some kids, warned them that Floam can stain your clothes and threw caution to the wind. We had three colors, purple, pink and yellow. Each color is sold separately and comes in a re-sealable plastic container.

First impression? Children of the 80s will remember Slime. Well, it smells and feels just like Slime but with thousands of tiny little foam balls added. We gave each child a ball of each color. It's pretty sticky at first, but the more you handle it and roll it up, the less sticky it becomes. In fact, Floam is designed to dry and become permanently hard, if you want to decorate something with it. We chose to permanently decorate a light switch plate, coffee can and an aerosol can cap that will become a jewelry holder.

Getting the Floam to stick to the objects was tough at first. But we figured out you just plop it on and start working it with your fingers. The kids really enjoyed making new colors. And the crafts they made turned out great...hardended completely in less than a day. "It was fun to work with," says one of the children. And they all came up with long lists of projects to make with Floam.

"Does It Work?" They give Floam a "yes."

We paid $6.99 for each container. You can find it anywhere toys are sold. We got ours at Bed, Bath & Beyond and at Target.

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