Car Crashes Into Local Pharmacy

A slip of the foot gave a pharmacy an unplanned drive-through.  Around 2:00 o'clock, a driver smashed her SUV into Good's Pharmacy on Beckham Avenue in Tyler.

The driver says she was pulling in to pick some things up from the pharmacy. She was wearing a walking cast on her right foot, and says she accidentally pushed the gas instead of the brake. The SUV knocked a hole in the wall just behind the prescription medicines, giving everyone inside quite a scare.

Julie Rothrock is the pharmacy manager and was inside when the accident happened.

She said, "It sounded like a huge gun going off, so, I think everybody froze in the pharmacy. I was able to see the people on this side of the wall. They froze, and got out of the way the best they could. It took a few seconds for everybody to realize what had happened."

The pharmacy had a construction company come in and survey the damage. There's no word on how much it will cost to repair it, but they built a temporary wall to secure the building in the meantime.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: