The Biggest Fan In Texas

The biggest fan in Texas blew into Tyler today for a stop at The Boys and Girls Club. It's part of TXU's renewable energy educational tour.

The huge fan is 120 feet long, weighing in at 14 thousand pounds. It comes from one of the companies Texas-based wind farms, which produces enough energy to power over one-hundred thousand homes. During a demonstration, the kids pretended they were wind-turbines, then had their picture made in front of a mock-up.

Robbie Slocum, executive director for the center said, "We're just trying to give kids different opportunities. Anytime we can bring in different groups, be it TXU or somebody else, to talk to the kids about careers or different things like that, it just opens their eyes to a totally different world."

The renewable energy tour went to six Texas cities. Today in Tyler was their last stop.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: