Gas-Saving Truck Comes To Tyler

A first of its kind truck on display in Tyler Tuesday, could save you money on your electric bill. A hybrid diesel-electric bucket truck was unveiled in Tyler.  It works like a normal utility truck, but runs on up to 60 percent less gas.  That could save up to $4500 a year.

Those who work with the trucks say you'll take notice. Gerald Owens, the Transportation Manager at TXU Electric Delivery, said, "The first difference they're going to see is operating in the neighborhood would be much quieter and reduced emissions as it works in those conditions. The second would be in our cost. If we can reduce that fuel consumption 40 to 60 percent, then that lowers our cost."

The trucks will begin running in June in Dallas. TXU Electric Delivery says if that proves to save money, they will begin using the trucks in other areas. The hybrid trucks run on bio-diesel and battery power.