Strength Family Thanks Community

The teenager who severely injured his hand during an explosion at school is back home, but his family says his recovery is far from over.   Jonathon Strength, 17 came home Saturday after spending three days in the hospital.   KLTV spoke to Jonathon's father on the phone about Jonathon's condition and what happened the day the cannon exploded.

Exactly, what happened last Wednesday in the maintenance building at Winona High School is still unknown. Jonathon's father told us he could not talk about the incident saying, "I'm very limited in what I can say, but Jonathon is doing better and is able to walk around on his own.  Jonathon's father says their family is very involved in the community. He and Jonathon work at an orphanage together and are Christians, which has helped them get through this difficult time.

The family says they would like to thank the community for their support. He says "The support has come from across the state. Words cannot explain the amount of love we have received from the school, students and teachers. He says we loves the school and the school loves us. This afternoon, Jonathon and his family spent the day with doctors. Jonathon's father says that will be a common routine for quite sometime.

An ATF spokesman said they have talked to Jonathon, but would not release anymore information. Right now, ATF is finishing interviews with students and teachers and say criminal action may take place.

Molly Reuter, reporting.