New Machine Aids In Common Medical Procedure

New technology to make a common medical procedure a little easier. It's part of the brand new, 6300 square foot Medical Park Imaging Center at 709 Hollybrook Drive in Longview.

The four million dollar center boasts new MRI  and CT machines designed to make patients more comfortable. The machines are more open, designed to make you feel less claustrophobic, and they're ninety percent quieter, too. Terry Heffern, the director of diagnostic imaging says patients will love the machines, but doctors will benefit, too.

"This equipment behind me is capable of doing 64 slices in less than a second, or 64 pictures in less than a second. It tremendously improves our speed while maintaining the same high quality image for the physician to read and review."

The center performs about 70,000 procedures a year, and they hope to increase that by about 25 percent with the new machine

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: