Two East Texas Neighborhoods Are Targeted By Vandals

Police are asking for your help, finding whoever shot out dozens of car windows with a BB gun. This weekend, vandals targeted the Irish Meadows neighborhood off Highway 69 in Tyler. The other was in Greenwood Village, off Rhones Quarter Road.

"Where they were shooting, if they just miss 5 or 10 feet they could have hit one of our kids bedrooms and that would have really made me mad when I realized that," says Mark Burton.

Mark has lived in Greenwood Village for more than 5 years.  Saturday night, more than a dozen car windows were shot out in his neighborhood.  Mark says the shots from the BB gun were too close to his family.

"If you want to shot some glass go to where you hunt put out bottles and shot them," say Mark.

Just a few doors down, Stephen O'Neal was in town visiting his parents. His car was parked on the street.

"It's not just something you expect it's a really nice neighborhood.  I wish that they would understand that this is a lot of hassle for a lot of people and not do this," says Stephen.

About 5 miles away, 20 more cars were vandalized.  Buddy Hill's family van window was shot out.

"I guess a bunch of young ones are out having fun, it really puts a burden on the family.  Its a family vehicle and the cost of everything it just adds to pile of daily life," says Buddy.

For now, they are cleaning up the glass left behind.

"Until we can catch them, if you have a garage that you can park your vehicle then do so," says Don Martin, Public Information Officer with Tyler Police Department.

Mark says he's going to work on cleaning out the garage.

"Hopefully they are going to get caught and they are going to pay people back. This kind of cost gets passed on and affects everybody," says Mark.

Police say no items were taken from the cars. However, residents are left with the cost of replacing their car windows.

Tyler police say if know anything to please call them. Police also recommend if you see a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood to write down the license tag number.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.