East Texas Chess Champion

An East Texas boy represents America in the World's School Chess Championship, and he's only 9 years old.

Jarod Pamatmat of Tyler started playing chess when he was four years old. He won his first chess tournament a few years ago in Dallas.  Jarod won regional competitions, then state and nationals, which lead to the world championship.

"It was a world championship.  I played nine rounds and I won six games and lost three.  I got 11 out of everybody and 8th out of the boys," says Jarod.

"It's just amazed me that he was a better player than me when I was a kid.  So since then we are continuously playing in tournaments," says Jarod's father Dr. Stephen Pamatmat.

Jarod's father says chess also teaches him how to accept defeat and also win graciously.

Karolyn Davis reporting, kdavis@kltv.com