Car Vandals Target Two Tyler Neighborhoods

Police say the vandals shot out car windows with a B-B or pellet gun.  One of the neighborhoods targeted was Irish Meadows, off Highway 69 in Tyler. The other was in Greenwood Village, off Rhodes Quarter Road.

Susan Gumber now realizes her dog was trying to tell her that someone was outside.

"The police came around 8:30 yesterday morning to the house and was knocking on the door," says Susan.

Police told her, her son's truck was one of the targets of vandals last night. The back window of the truck was shattered out with either B-B or pellet gun.

"I was startled and really felt bad and don't know why teenagers would want to do something like that.  It's unnecessary," says Susan.

Police say the have received more than a dozen reports from residents whose car windows had been shot out.

"We will being doing extra patrol in those neighborhoods and hopefully we can catch somebody before they shot out too many car windows, which one is too many," says Tyler Police Department Stg. Charles Bledsoe.

"I don't like the idea of somebody acting like.  They could hurt somebody, just shooting it could go in the air and they could miss and some innocent person could get killed.   Besides them tearing up the trucks or cars but they could hurt even a child," says Susan.

Susan says next time she hears the dog barking... she'll listen.

Police say if you can, you should park your vehicles in the garage. And if you have any information, call Tyler Police.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.