Intoxicated Man Shoots At Neighbor And Then Himself

A man suspected of firing several shots in his neighborhood is arrested, following some tense moments this evening.   Police say they received a call around 6:45 p.m. that an intoxicated man was walking around his neighborhood with a gun.   The man lives in the 1000th Block of Shaw Street in Tyler. Police say the man shot at a neighbor who was working in his yard, but he ended up hitting a home and then accidentally shot himself in the left leg. Several officers responded and were able to take the man into custody. Nearby residents say they heard two to three gunshots.

"I looked outside and saw policeman running toward Glenwood hollowing drop it, drop it, and I went back inside and told my grand kids they can't go outside until things are cleared up and my grand kids were scared to death," said nearby resident Patricia Cook.

"The yard man is supposedly an acquaintance of his," said Tyler Police Department Sergeant Brian Tomlin. "He is familiar with this gentleman. He says when the suspect gets intoxicated he tends to act like this."

Police have identified the suspect as Larry Browning of Tyler. Browning was taken to East Texas Medical Center for treatment. He'll be taken to jail after he's released.

Molly Reuter reporting,