East Texas Neighborhood Gets New Playground

Some East Texas children will have a playground in their neighborhood for the first time.   Volunteers from PATH and the community helped clean up the backyards of several homes in North Tyler today. Before the playground can go in, the land must be flattened and trees removed. Volunteers also painted the homes surrounding the backyard park.

"This is probably the best way I could be spending my Saturday, painting and doing yard work for these people," said volunteer Michele Anderson.

"I think it will be a great place for them to all gather around in a safe place, and give the parents an opportunity to come to the park with their children just in the backyard," said homeowner Audrey Dorsey.

Volunteers will continue to work on the backyard park next weekend when they put the playground and picnic pavilion in.

Molly Reuter reporting, mreuter@kltv.com