Nashville Star Casey Rivers Returns Home

Three weeks after his second place finish on the hit reality show Nashville Star, Lindale's Casey Rivers returned to perform for his hometown fans. Since the show, he's been living in Nashville getting ready for the Nashville Star tour this summer.

Casey Rivers, 24 was in good spirits this morning.

"I'm enjoying signing autographs and meeting with these hometown folks and eating donuts and pigs in the blankets and hanging out with these beautiful women here," said Rivers. Three weeks ago, Casey finished second in the Nashville Star competition to 20-year-old Chris Young. It's a place Casey says he's happy with.

"Coming in second place, I can kind of sit back and things are getting good now," said Casey. "I've actually been talking to managers and producers and booking agencies and stuff.  Casey's fan base has spread throughout East Texas. Autumn Roach of Quitman, did her Texas History class project on Casey.

"I decided to do it on my favorite Texan Casey because he's a really good singer, and I like listening to him," said Autumn. "He's a really good guy. "

"She told me last night when she was working on her project for Texas history, he was her role model, and I just feel thankful and blessed because I know he is a good Christian boy," said Autumn's mother Janis Roach.  Casey says he'll be home for a week and plans on going camping and four-wheeling.  The Lindale Chamber of Commerce flew Casey home this weekend to sing at its Championship Rodeo.

Molly Reuter reporting,