Winona Physics Teacher Blames Himself For Explosion

Physics teacher Bradley Brown told us today, he's to blame for the explosion that severely injured the hand of 17-year-old Jonathon Strength in a project gone wrong. Answers about exactly what happened Wednesday in the maintenance building at Winona High School have been difficult to get from the district. However, Bradley Brown, the teacher in charge of the project to make cannons, that lead to the injury of Jonathon Strength, wrote KLTV an e-mail. He says "...there was no criminal intent on the part of Jonathon Strength or myself. What happened was a tragic accident."

He goes on to say the entire school district knew about the project. He says, "The projects performed, as part of my physics class, have all been supervised and carried out with caution. In the five months these projects have been going on, there have been no accidents." He goes on to say, "Knowledge of these projects was shared by administration and staff. On most occasions several classes were present during performance of the projects."

Brown compliments Jonathon saying he was one of the best students he ever had, calling him "brilliant and innovative". Brown then says, "Ultimately, he's to blame for this accident and will likely resign. He says this will be in the best interest on the school." It's a decision Brown told me is difficult to make because he says he loves his students and never meant for any of this to happen.

We spoke with the ATF about Jonathon's condition. Officials say they have not talked to Jonathon yet and believe he's still in the hospital. The superintendent would not return our phone calls today. To see the complete statement e-mailed to us from Bradley Brown, click here .

Molly Reuter, reporting.