ATV Crash Kills Daingerfield Man

A tragic end to a search for a missing Daingerfield man, found dead from an off-road accident. Last night, searchers found the body of 24 year old James Johnson. He had been missing since Wednesday, when he crashed his 4-wheeler in the woods off County Road 4119 and 2857, near the Cass-Morris County line.

"Its upsetting when you loses a friend its upsetting when anybody in your community passes away but for someone you know in an accident like this, its upsetting" said Morris County Deputy Sheriff Ross Dickson, who was friends with Johnson.

A 2001 Daingerfield high school graduate, Johnson was known affectionately around the community as "Peanut."

"When we came in this morning we found out about him passing and we're all pretty shook up about it when you lose any of your students it saddens you" said Daingerfield High School employee Linda Florence.

"He'd drove this area many times which his family said, he probably lost track of where he was on the roadway because it doesn't appear that he hit his brakes or downshifted to keep from running off the road" said investigating DPS Trooper Dustin Estes.

Investigators say Johnson was riding alone when he crashed. They think that Johnson lost his concentration, and without wearing a helmet, hit a tree head-on.

"In this situation if he'd had a helmet on , been going a little slower, it'd had a different outcome" Estes says.

A reminder that atv's, can pose a danger, even for expert riders.

"I've worked vehicles hitting ATV's , ATV's hitting trees, hitting each other there is a danger" said Estes.

Funeral arrangements for James Johnson have been scheduled for 2 p-m Sunday at the First Baptist Church in Daingerfield. Bob Hallmark reporting.