East Texans' Reaction To The Movie 'Da Vinci Code'

It may be work of fiction, but the fact is the Da Vinci Code is causing a lot of controversy.

"I liked the book and I was interested in seeing it," says Regan Kelley a moviegoer.

"Because of the publicity I'd heard about it and the book," says Sherman Olson a moviegoer.

The Da Vinci Code suggests Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child together... a secret covered up by a powerful organization associated with the church. However, Father Tim Kelly with St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Flint says moviegoers have to remember its just a movie.

"I have no problem with people watching a movie like this as long as they realize that they are watching fantasy or reading fantasy," says Father Tim Kelly.

He says it's not Hollywood's job to preach the gospel, it's the churches responsibility.

"Our response should be to preach the gospel and if the 'Tales of Narnia,' 'Harry Potter' or 'Da Vinci Code' gives us on occasion or prompts us then we should go out and preach the gospel," says Father Kelly.

Hundreds of East Texans packed the theaters to see the movie on its first day.

"I thought it was great, it confirmed a lot of things that I had thought for a long time about the origin of Christianity and it explains a lot of things," says Sherman Olson, moviegoer.

"It was interesting it deviated quite a bit from the book and I'm not sure why, if they wanted to manipulate public opinion or pacify people about the general premise. However, it was an interesting movie," says Regan Kelley, moviegoer.

Father Kelly says is made to entertain, not educate.

Even though critics complain the movie features too much talk and not enough excitement... It's expected to make more than 60- million dollars at the box office this weekend.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com