Senate Approves Increases In Fines For On-Air Indecency

The Senate has approved a ten-fold increase in the fines broadcasters would face for airing indecent material.

The bill calls for a fine of $325,000 for each violation.

That's ten times more than the current penalty for TV or radio stations that air profanity or indecent material during prime family viewing hours of six in the morning to ten at night.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says "broadcasters should know that if they cross the line the penalties will be serious."

It would not apply to cable or satellite services.

The Senate bill will have to be reconciled with a tougher House version. The House voted for fines of as much as $500,000 per violation. It also voted to require the Federal Communications Commission to also weigh revoking a station's license after three indecency violations.

Lawmakers were prompted to act after singer Janet Jackson's famous "wardrobe malfunction" during halftime of the 2004 Super Bowl when she briefly exposed one breast.

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