Kilgore Man Arrested For Child Molestation

A mother is coming to the defense of her son, who is accused of molesting a Kilgore child he was babysitting. 41-year old Charles Orange was arrested May 9th on charges of indecency with a child. The alleged victim's family says Orange was a friend to them, who used their trust to take advantage of their child.

"Charles with kids is like a big brother figure, I feel he's been charged with false information" said his mother Audrey Smith.

Orange had regularly taken care of children at his Kilgore apartment. He was employed by the Kilgore Wal-Mart, and had never been in trouble before. That's why his mother finds the indecency charges against him hard to believe.

"He said that he's innocent and i believe him I hate that he's in this situation and I wish I could get somebody to listen to me and to him" said Smith.

According to police, the alleged incidents involved 2 9-year old boys at Orange's apartment.

"I'm sick to my stomach. I mean, who would do that to a 9 year old child, this man knows better he's old enough to know better" said Lisa Gatlin, mother of one of the victims.

Lisa says Orange lived a double life, earning her family's trust before exploiting it.

"He's been at my dinner table with me and my family for meals, he's picked my son up from school when I needed him to, I would like for that man to be put away so that he can never harm another child" Gatlin says.

But Smith says, whether he's found guilty or innocent, her son has already lost.

"This has destroyed him , he's lost his job, lost his apartment" Smith says.

"You know you're always looking for that stranger around the corner waiting to abduct your child or them to be violated by somebody they don't know, and the whole time it could be somebody right in front of your face" said Gatlin.

Charles Orange remains in the Gregg County Jail on 100-thousand dollars bond. Bob Hallmark reporting.