U.S. Sailor Dead, 18 Iraqis Killed In Two Attacks In Baghdad

A U-S sailor is dead after fighting in western Iraq.

Meantime, two attacks in Baghdad have left 16 Iraqis dead. And coalition forces killed three insurgents and wounded ten in fighting in and around the northern city of Mosul.

Officials say gunmen who stopped a minibus in the capital killed all eight Iraqis aboard. A roadside bombing in a northern neighborhood killed three police officers and five Iraqi civilians. Nine others were wounded.

Outside the capital, the U-S military says coalition forces killed three insurgents in fighting in and around Mosul.

Iraqis armed with bombs destroyed a Sunni Arab shrine near the volatile city of Baqouba (bah-KOO'-bah) in an apparent reprisal for acts against Shiite shrines.

And the 15-member Iraqi tae kwon do (ty kwahn doh) team has been kidnapped while driving to a camp in Jordan.

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