East Texas Nurse Retires After Working 62 Years

Most people hope to retire at the age of 60 or 65. Well, one East Texas nurse is retiring after working for 62 years.

"I call Sister Feliciana the flying nun because she goes so many places," says Dr. Patrick Thomas, Former President & CEO of Trinity Mother Frances Health System.

Sister Feliciana is 85 years old and has been in the nursing field for 62 years.

"I really didn't want to be a nurse. I wanted to be just a plain sister. I was one them who was chosen to go the the hospital. I really didn't want to be a nurse because I use to faint at the sight of blood," says Sister Feliciana.

That soon ended and she began helping in surgeries.

"She is the reason this is a heart hospital. In 1968, we were presented with a patient who's heart pacemaker was failing and we needed to have it changed," says Dr. Thomas.

Sister Feliciana and Dr. Patrick Thomas performed the first pacemaker surgery at Trinity Mother Frances Health System. However, pacemakers and technology have evolved over the years.

"There are so many pacemaker changes. It's amazing what the technology has done for patients," says Sister Feliciana.

She says she studied to keep up with the changes.

"It was very difficult but I bought all of the different books. I studied very hard many times and stayed up pretty late," says Sister Feliciana.

The studying paid off, she became the director of the pacemaker clinic.

"For a number of years there was no cardiologist in East Texas so sister and I did all of the pacemakers. She was like having a cardiologist in the intensive care," says Dr. Thomas.

Sister Feliciana says after all the years she worked, she's happy she was called to the nursing field.

In honor of her 62 years in the nursing field, Trinity Mother Frances Health System will be holding a retirement reception for Sister Feliciana this week. Sister Feliciana says she plans on moving to Grand Prairie, Texas and looks forward to relaxing.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com