Mushroom Xpress: "Does It Work?"

The Mushroom Xpress promises perfect slices every time. And it's not just for mushrooms. The package shows it working with strawberries, kiwis, bananas and boiled eggs. By the way, it comes with a free mushroom brush.

The Mushroom Xpress kind of looks like a garlic press with blades. Place the item you want to slice inside and squeeze. The stainless steel blades are supposed to do the job.

We tried it with mushrooms and got perfectly sliced 'shrooms. Same good luck with strawberries, bananas and kiwis(once we removed the skin).

We freelanced a bit and cut some jalapenos. That worked great too.

"Does It Work?" We give the Mushroom Xpress, a yes .

We got the Mushroom Xpress at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $7.99.