Man Behind Bars For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Disabled Women

The arrest affadavits are particularly disturbing. Two victims, both accusing a man they'd come to know of sexually assaulted them in the place they called home.

During a forensic interview, the first victim told how "James Spurlock told her to lay across her bed naked" then the two had sex. The victim says afterward, "Spurlock told her to clean herself up and not tell anyone about what they did. He said he was preparing her for life."

Wood County Sheriff  Dwaine Daugherty says the first allegation surfaced about a month ago.

"During a conversation with her mother, she actually had an outcry. After she had an outcry. The mother contacted the father, and then the mother contacted us," said Daugherty.

The department's investigation turned up a second victim making similar allegations. The 24 year-old told investigators "Spurlock would have her kneel down in front of him while they were in the barn at the farm," then he would demand oral sex.

Daugherty says the fact that Spurlock worked at the home, and knew these women were disabled makes this case very disturbing.

"That person cannot think for herself, or take care of herself, or make decisions for herself.  They place their trust in someone, and it's very heinous when someone takes advantage of that person," said Daugherty.

James Spurlock was arrested for eight, first degree felonies. The punishment for each of those is 99 years to life in prison.

There were three people living at Touchstone Farms at the time: the two victims plus one other man. The home was in the process of shutting down when the allegations surfaced, and all three of them have returned home to their families.

The sheriff says the owners of Touchstone Farm have been fully cooperative during the investigation.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: