Mixed Feelings From East Texans On Proposed National Guard Reassignment

We heard mixed opinions when we asked East Texans how they felt about National Guard troops securing our border.

"We didn't have enough National Guard troops to keep up during the hurricane so I don't know how we can possibly have enough National Guard troops to help on the border," said Neil Flemister of Longview, who's against the plan.

Sherry Jeffery of Longview also opposes to the proposal. "They've been free to come here all the time so why stop it now."

"My personal opinion is, you need to be consistent one way or the other. We need to leave it alone or we need to really enforce what we've decided," said Carol Collum of Longview, who supports the proposal.

One of those we spoke to says the plan is long overdue, but could also bring about other problems. "It's going to make them want to get in more. There'll be more and more trying to get in before he's able to get the National Guard down there to help stop it," said Don Ebner of Tyler, a supporter of the plan.

Michael Brosang says most of his employees working for his landscaping business are Hispanic. He thinks President Bush's plan is a step in the right direction. "The immigration issue needs to be solidified and having a right reason of why we're doing this and then taking it a step further than that," said Brosang.

John Diaz came to the U.S. legally from the Philippines 17 years ago. He says he supports the President's plan but, "Personally, I would like them to be all legal, to legalize their stay here."

As far as what's next, the U.S. Senate is expected to handle more legislation on this before Memorial Day. Nearly all of the people we spoke with told us, they don't think the government has done enough to secure the border.

Oralia Ortega reporting, ortega@kltv.com