Texas National Guard Responds To President's Border Security Plan

The National Guard is being called in to help seal the US border with Mexico. The plan is aimed at giving more manpower to border patrol agents, trying to shut down the flow of illegal immigrants.

We spoke with an East Texas guardsman about the possibility of this new mission.

"We have leaders so we trust in our leaders and if that is our orders then we do what soldiers do and obey orders and follow our leaders when they need us," says Sergeant Keary Mobley, Texas Army National Guard.

Sergeant Mobley is a recruiter for the Texas National Guard in Tyler. He says currently, the guard has around 18-thousand men and women, willing to help secure the borders.

"The army is the best force and we are the largest force and being part of the Texas Army National Guard. We are trained and highly motivated to do any job. We have all of the equipment, all of the technology, we are just going to approach it professionally," says Sergeant Mobley.

About a third of the Texas National Guard troops are either serving or have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, fueling lawmakers' concerns the new assignment would stretch them too thin.

"Would it be a burden for this unit? Most likely, no but I am only speaking from a local area so it's hard to say," says Sergeant Mobley.

However, he says America needs to protect its borders.

"I think we should have a secure country. 9-11 proved that point so we are here trying to protect our country, community, our families and our fellow Americans. Yes, we should have a secure America," says Sergeant Mobley.

He says whatever the mission they are given, they will be successful.

ABC news reports that the National Guard's main duties on the border will be to man surveillance cameras and take over office duties for border patrol officers.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com