Some Citizens Relieved After Jail Propositions Fail

Residents living near the proposed remote jail location in Smith County are breathing a sigh of relief. For months, they've been critical of the plan to build a jail in their backyard. In yesterday's election, neither the remote or downtown proposal passed. However, the downtown proposal did garner significantly more support.

County Commissioner David Stein says that sends a clear message that citizens want the jail downtown. They just didn't like the proposition before them on the ballot.

"I think we have to talk to those folks, find out where it got sidetracked, what caused them to vote no, then try and find something that is passable to the voters," Stein said.

Benjamin Horne lives near the proposed remote location, and was thankful that it didn't pass.

"What they [voters] have done, they have saved the value of our homes. They have helped save our community, and I really thank them," Horne said.

Commissioners will have to go back to the drawing board, and start the process of putting a jail proposal together all over again.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting,