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Parents Learn How To Properly Install Child Seat

Trained car seat technicians donated their time today for Child Safety Day. Members of the Tyler Police Department teamed up with State Farm for the event. Officers inspected car seats and made sure they were not defected. If they were, families received a free car seat. Officers also showed parents how to install the seats properly.

"A lot of people will buy used car seats, or they will get hand-me-down car seats and there may be a call notice on them, and they just aren't aware because the information is not really out there for them to get. So that's why we have things like this," said State Farm Claim Representative Jeremy Lansford.

This is State Farm's sixth annual Child Safety Day. If you missed it, you can always have your child seat inspected by calling the Tyler Police Department and making an appointment.

Molly Reuter reporting,

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