Debate Over Funding For TJC Tennis Project

Less than 24 hours before the Tyler Junior College Trustee election, allegations have been made about the funding for an expansion to the school tennis project.

Dr. Ken Haygood said tuition and bond money was used to pay for part of the school's new tennis courts. TJC officials told us the new courts were funded by private donations. At the heart of the debate, the parking lot next to the courts. Dr. Haygood says the work done on the lot was paid for outside of private funds.

"Tyler Junior College's own budget documents they have listed in a line item over 1 million dollars from the general fund of the college, plant fund commitments," says Dr. Ken Haygood, Candidate forTJC Truste

"The actual tennis courts are phase 2. What we consider the tennis court project we just put the parking lot in there in that block as we were developing that block it was part of this big project we call the tennis court project. You could argue that phase 1 is not the tennis court project, it's just building parking lots," says Dr. William Crowe, President of Tyler Junio

Dr. Crowe did say some revenue bond money, not tax payer money was used to pay for the parking lot and site work. The total tennis court project will cost approximately 3- million dollars.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.