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Podcasting 101

  The way you get your news is about to change. Since the beginning of radio and television, if you wanted to watch or listen to a program, you had to wait around until the show came on at a specific time. And, if you weren't home when the show started, tough luck. Now that is changing, thanks to the internet. It's called podcasting, and more and more people are becoming fans. Not only that, everyday americans are starting to create their own podcasts.

  What is a podcast? It's basically an audio or video file that people can download to their iPod or MP3 player. There are already thousands of podcasts on line just waiting for you.

  "This is truly an example of a product that found a need that I didn't know I had," says KLTV GM Brad Streit.  He says podcasting has changed his life. "I spend hours every week in my car, sitting at stoplights communting back and forth, or traveling out of town. And, I had done XM Radio, well that's not convenient because what I wanted to watch when I wanted to watch it wasn't always on. And, so, when the podcast came along, it was a dream come true."

Podcasting is about to change the lives for students at UT Tyler. "We deliver a lot of courses by television, we deliver a lot of courses on the internet," says Dr. Donna Dickerson, Dean of the U.T. Tyler College of Arts and Sciences.  "And, this is just another way of delivering course material."

It's not hard to find iPods and earphones on campus already. That's part of why the university thinks podcasting lectures just makes sence. Starting this fall, two courses will begin podcasting to students. Dickerson says,"This is a way that they can go to a website, download the lecture, and listen to it as many times as they want."

How will the students find the podcast lectures? The same way Brad Streit finds his podcasts. "It's real easy. You go to iTunes, search in your area of interest, and it will find the podcasts based on your level of interest."

There are several other "podcast directories" on the internet. All of them are organized by subject matter. And all of them have a little orange box labeled R.S.S.

"R.S.S. stands for really simple syndication," says KLTV's Brandon Riley.  Riley is helping to create podcasts for KLTV.com. He says R.S.S. is just a little code that lets your computer automatically look for new updates. "The reason why R.S.S. is so widely used is that rather than you having to go each and every day to their website and download each new MP3 file, R.S.S. just points to a file."  So, once you find a show you like, you don't have to do anythng but sit back and wait for the next episode.

Making your own podcast is almost as easy. All you need is a microphone, a computer and a website. There are many free programs that will record what ever you want to say and turn them into MP3 files. All you have to do is figure out what you want to talk about.

While most podcasts today are just audio, more and more video podcast are coming every day. And one day, you may spend more time watching the news in the palm of your hand than you do on your big screen at home.

KLTV is now joining the podcasting generation. You can now find podcasts from our news department at iTunes. Just search for KLTV in the podcast section of the iTunes store. All of our podcasts will be free to you, and you can subscribe for the updates to reach you automatically.

Also free, 3 iPod Nanos. We're giving away 3 of Apple's popular MP3 players through our website. We'll announce the winners next Friday the 26th KLTV7 News. You can sign up at KLTV.com. Click on the "Win Stuff on 7" link on the left side of the home page.

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