Missing Elysian Fields Girl Found

After over 12 hours of searching by volunteers in Harrison County, a missing girl is found safe and sound. Around 6:30 last night, a 10 year old girl walked into the woods near her Elysian Fields home,  and disappeared. She was walking with her dog when she says she got lost when the sun went down. The frantic search began off highway 31 around 9 last night.

Searching in woods, and throughout the town, the entire community in Elysian Fields was trying to figure out how little 10 year old Bethany Paige Jobe could vanish without a trace.

"Well i was devastated but at the same time we all said Bethany's smart , Bethany will probably figure out what to do, we all felt that way" said Bethany's 4th grade teacher Pam Lawless.

Bethany was walking her dog in a wooded area near her home around 6:30 last night, that was the last time anyone saw her. Over 100 volunteers from East Texas and Louisiana joined in the search, but could find no signs of Bethany. Mounted officers were called in, ATV's , bloodhounds, and even a helicopter using thermal imaging, for more than 12 hours they searched.

"That many hours you begin to lose hope people went out looking, we tried to maintain the faith that she would be o-k and found safe" said Lawless.

Bethany knew she was lost, but made a remarkably mature decision. She went inside a deer stand and waited for someone to find her.

"I parked the ATV, she yelled and I heard her , I yelled back at her and I told her to keep yelling so we can find her so she finally came up" said 16 year old Heath Hayes who found Bethany.

She was tired and hungry, but alive. And the deer stand? it was less than a mile away from her home.

  Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com