Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Molesting Girl

A Flint man is sentenced to life in prison for the sexual assault of a toddler. Jurors were out for about two and a half hours, Thursday, before coming back with the sentence against 49-year-old Guy Quam. Quam was found guilty, Tuesday, of molesting little girl in 2003, when he was babysitting her. He knew the girl's family through church.

When the sentence was read, a sigh was heard in the courtroom. The father of the victim nodded his head. The mother was clearly relieved at what she had just heard.

Quam's voice was shaky when judge Kent asked him a couple of questions. As he left the room, Quam appeared teary-eyed.

Two of three families whose children "made outcries" after Quam babysat for them were also in court today. Some of them hugged when the life sentence was handed down. After the sentencing, the little girl's mother and father addressed Quam during the victim impact statement.

"You know, out in the hallway I saw people praying for you. Where you're going, there are no little girls to molest. So, you're cured. You've been cured of molesting little girls," said the father of the victim.

"I know that today justice was served. Justice was done. But it gives me no satisfaction to see me like this at all. The only satisfaction would be for you not to have done this to anybody," said the mother of the victim.

"This is with her forever. She will never forget. This will be with her every day when she wakes up and she thinks about this monster, this child molester, when she's around men, her first boyfriends, her wedding day, her husband, how she interacts with her own children, how she trusts people. She will take this to her grave," said Smith County Assistant District Attorney Greg Moreman.

KLTV tried talking to Quam's family regarding the verdict, but they declined to comment.

Oralia Ortega reporting,