Why You Might Want To Dive For Trash

In a couple weeks, you'll have a chance to dive For trash at a local lake, win prizes, and help a worthwhile charity.

Tuesday night in Tyler, the folks from "Scuba Steve's Aquatic Adventure" gave 2 kids, Jimbo and Wayne, from Scottish Rite Hospital, a diving lesson.

The lesson is a way of spotlighting their upcoming "Annual Trash Fest And Treasure Hunt"; where "cleaning up" actually will be part of the fun.

Dean Pennington, a scuba instructor & trainer told us, "They're going to clean up the park. But to draw drivers in we're going to have a treasure hunt... We seed the lake with some prize numbers and then they get treasures; things like scuba regulators, tanks, masks, bags, the whole thing."

"The Trash Fest And Treasure Hunt" will be held June Third at Tyler State Park. Proceeds will go to the Scottish Rite Hospital; who provide free health care for the children of Texas.