Purse Brite: "Does It Work?"

Ladies, grab your purses. We may just change the way you look at and into your bag. We ran across an "As Seen On TV" product called, the Purse Brite. And this week, we put it to the "Does It Work?" test.

It's touted as "the lighted purse organizer." Photos on the package show amazing "before and after" results. First a messy, cluttered purse transformed into an organized picture of purse perfection. Oh yeah, it has a little light attached to it to illuminate the inside of your purse. We tested it with KLTV Traffic Manager, Hazel Kennedy.

The Purse Brite is about 25 inches long and is made of a decent, designer-look fabric, and faux suede. "Feels good. Soft," says Hazel. First, Hazel empties out the contents of her purse. Next, you load up the Purse Brite's 13 little pockets. The Purse Brite has several different kinds of pockets and pouches. Some will fit pens and pencils. Some are perfect for lipsticks, others are for booklets or cell phones. Next you roll up the Purse Brite up a little until this 26 inch long purse liner will fit into the mouth of your purse. Then, with the items you loaded facing the interior of the purse, you push the Purse Brite to the perimeter of the purse. When it's set, put the big stuff, wallets and the like, in the middle of the purse.

Hazel immediately notices, that while the purse is better organized, she has not created any more space. We turned the lights off and tested Hazel's ability to find something in the dark, using the Purse Brite's little light. She was able to find things that were immediately under the light bulb, but quickly declared the light as pretty useless.

One of the Purse Brite's major claims is that it makes "switching bags easy." We tried that with a few of Hazel's bags. She found it bulky and difficult to fit inside. "It might work for some women that don't carry a lot of items, who are used to a medium sized purse and don't have a lot of items in the purse," says Hazel. "So for them, it might work, but for me I'm used to a larger purse and I carry quite a few items, so it really doesn't work for me." And with purses that are divided inside, the Purse Brite is not really practical. "You only have access to get it in one side of the purse."

So, "Does It Work?" "Maybe," says Hazel. The Purse Brite gets a "maybe." The Purse Brite is $9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.