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Dream Home Owner No Longer Owes The IRS

With a stretch limousine SUV and personal driver to take him to see Uncle Sam, Don Cruz says finding the money to pay the IRS is cause for celebration. "Feels great!," says Don with a smile. After a month of searching, Home Loan USA out of Dallas provided Cruz a one million dollar loan, enough to cover the outstanding payment. Don Carter with Longview For Sale By Owner.com helped Cruz find the loan, "We've had that conversation before," says Carter about selling the dream home. "But it's amazing, it's only in America that you find a guy that has a dream and chases after it." Before April 15, Cruz owed $672,000 to the IRS. Since the deadline, more than $3,200 in interest was tacked on, along with a "failure to pay" fee of $3,360. The grand total the IRS expects, $678,605.49. Cruz gave them $680,000 even. "You were too nervous to write this check?," asks KLTV 7 Reporter Christine Nelson. "I couldn't spell the words! My wife wrote it for me!" says Cruz laughing. The transaction at the IRS office took mere minutes but Don Cruz's new loan will take much longer to pay back. "I'm not worried about the loan. They gave me enough money to pay that for the next two years. By then the house will sell or the book will come out so that's what we're hoping for," says Cruz. The book he's referring to is one he's writing about becoming a HGTV Dream Home winner. His monthly payments on the one million dollar loan will run about $8,000 a month.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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