Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing Puppy

A man is in jail tonight, accused of threatening his wife with a shotgun and then killing their 10-week-old puppy. It happened early Friday morning at a home in the 2800 Block of Stone Road. Police say they received an anonymous call from a woman saying, 27-year-old Scott Shafer killed her dog and smeared its blood on the walls. When police arrived, they learned it was Shafer's wife who made the call. Police say Shafer has at least three prior family violence arrests. According to his latest arrest affadavit, his wife alleged Shafer had "pointed a shotgun at her and demanded she empty her pockets and purse". Shafer's wife told police she then left, and when she returned, she saw "her husband beating the family pet dog, which was about 10 weeks old". She left again. When she came back, she saw, "large amounts of blood on the walls of the residence and a note that said 'dog dead', 'the assasyn waz here'." At the time of the arrest police say they could not find the dog's body, so they charged Shafer with aggravated assault family violence. However, the body of the dog has now been found, which could mean additional charges.

"The penal code certainly provides for a sentence that is appropriate for a monster of this magnitude," said Kelly Heitkamp, Animal Welfare Attorney. "He will be put away in state jail for a long time. Hopefully the maximum, which is two years in a state jail. That is day to day time. You don't get out for good behavior. This man has certainly indicated that he can not be controlled." Shafer remains in the Gregg County Jail with no bond. Killing your pet is not against Texas law, so the District Attorney's office is now going to have to prove Shafer tortured the puppy.

Molly Reuter, reporting.