Lindale Names One Of Best Retirement Values

The website, has ranked Lindale as the best retirement value in the part of Texas surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth.

The ranking is based on several factors: crime, population density, and education, and the variety of housing options.

"I don't know how the Lord led us here, but we came out of the road over there and saw the for sale sign and said, 'Hmm. That looks really neat.'" says Frank Schultheis, who never imagined this would be home. They'd never heard of Lindale, Texas five years ago.

"You don't have to know anyone, we didn't know anyone here, we have no family here," says his wife, Shirley.

Driving through Texas looking for their home for retirement, they fell in love with these seven acres.

"If I couldn't have the Sangre de Christo Mountains to look at in the mornings, I wanted to have trees to look at," she said.

They left Santa Fe, New Mexico because it just go too expensive. And they wanted to grow old together in a nice place not too far from hospitals.

"We have a small town feel, all the amenities of a big city, and good country living and that's the way we like it here," says Lindale City Manager Jim Cox.

Shirley remembers her first days in Lindale: "We were greeted like we were old time friends, like they knew us for a long time, and like we were old time friends."

Frank and Shirley quickly joined First Baptist Church, and they have made lots of acquaintances, and not just once-a-week friends.

"People drop by to visit you. No one ever dropped by to visit you in Santa Fe. It was just out of the question," Shirley says.

Frank says: "On three occasions, people stopped out [in front of the home], got out of their cars and said how beautiful it was what we're doing with this place. I came in and told Shirley, 'This wouldn't have happened in Santa Fe!'"

Being good neighbors, they say, is something no survey can measure.

"People are so real here," Frank says.

The website ranked Highland Park as the top retirement city in the Metroplex, though it's very close to downtown Dallas and very expensive.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.