Meet The Candidates For TJC Trustee Race

The race for trustees at Tyler Junior College is underway. Three seats, on the board, are up for grabs. Over the next few days we will be visiting with the candidates. Yesterday, we visited with two of the candidates working to get your vote.

Dr. Don Haygood is hitting the streets. He is retired surgeon and is going door to door hoping to win votes.

"I think the current board of trustees really have lost contact with the community and ignores the voice of the community. I would like to represent the community as a trustee of the board," says Dr. Don Haygood, Candidate for TJC Trustee Place 6.

He was instrumental in getting the TJC rollback tax. Now he wants a seat on the board.

"We support the band, the bells, tennis, the athletics. But we feel that the trustees of the board have strayed away from the primary purpose of the college which is to education these students. Give them an education so they can learn a skill, a vocation or be qualified to go to a 4 year college and get jobs and be productive part of the community," says Dr. Don Haygood.

His son, Dr. Ken Haygood is also running in the election. "We have to make sure the academics is not left behind. My goal is to shore up all of the programs and bring a sense of priority to the college and education," says Dr. Ken Haygood, Candidate for TJC Trustee Place 4.

He says this building does not have elevators, just a sign pointing to the stairway. "But in the administration you have granite lined elevators. We start to see where some of the priorities are. This is some of the tennis courts that they are working on replacing, adding another 2 million dollars to the tennis center. They already have 8 courts with covered way for the students. For me when you are spending over 2 million dollars on a tennis team with of less than 20 out of 9 thousand students, that might just mean their priorities are not in the right kind of places," says Dr. Ken Haygood.

Both Ken and Don say they don't want to cut activities. They just want the college to focus more on academics.

Sam Snyder was not available to visit with us, he was out campaigning.

TJC trustees serve a six year term. Tomorrow night, we will hear from Haygood's and Synder's opponents: Lonny Uzzell, John Hills and Michael Coker.

Early voting ends Tuesday, election day is Saturday.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.