Society For Creative Anachronism

If you've ever driven down South Broadway in Tyler on a Sunday afternoon, chances are you've seen a group of knights and ladies. They look like they've been transported from medieval times, and if you talk with any of them, they feel that way, too.

They are part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which literally means "to belong to another time." Some of the people are doctors, lawyers or professors, and they all love history. They feel the best way to learn about it, is to live it.

Julia Riner has been with the society for more than two decades. "We take on different personas for people who would have lived between 900 and 1650,and we learn from the inside out. We learn the culture, learn the politics, learn how to dance, learn how to weave. Learn how to do everything. Everything that would have been done there, we try to recreate here," Riner said.

Today was the society's birthday, and to celebrate, the group put on its annual exhibition for the public at Bergfeld Park

Lindsay Wilcox reporting,