Hundreds Receive Free Health Care

Medical professionals from all over East Texas offered their time and services free today. For the fourth time, Tyler held Texas Mission of Mercy, a one-day event that provides health care for hundreds of people that can't afford it. This year was a little different than years past in that patients were bused out to local dentist offices.

The lobby in one office, Tyler Oral and Facial Surgery, was filled this morning. Every patient, thanks to five local dentists received free dental care. For the first time, Doctor Jayson Terres volunteered his time in the Texas Mission of Mercy.

"I think it's our responsibility as physicians in the community that we give back and especially people that have no means whatsoever to get something done, and to be able to do that is rewarding for us as well as for them," said Dr.Terres.

Karen Guest had several teeth pulled today. "This is a blessing from God," said Karen Guest. "For what I have to have done and the eight children that I have had, I would never be able to afford this. We have no dental insurance with my husband's job or mine."

Guest says today's experience is something she will never forget. "I had a nine o'clock appointment on the first screening date," said Guest. "I was sitting with the first person at 9:03 a.m. The organization that the people have put into this is awesome."

Hundreds of people, many from Dallas and Houston came out this morning to sign people in and drive them to the dentist offices. "Everyone has been fantastic," said Guest. "This is God working through thousands of people to put this stuff together. These guys were standing in the rain directing traffic this morning. "

Eye Care Associates also volunteered their time today, as well as, the Bethesda Health Clinic. More than 300 people received free health care today.

Molly Reuter reporting,