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Living Spaces: Backyard Makeover 2006 - Finalist #2


Name:  Amy Wingfield

Town: Kilgore


Reasons for backyard makeover:


  1. We are a home-schooling family of 5, soon to be 6, living on one income so we could use some help.
  2. We do not take vacations.  Our backyard is our main form of entertainment and relaxation.
  3. I do all the yard work, being pregnant, I’d like the yard designed so that it’s low-maintenance.
  4. My husband works hard, he has been trying to build his own water pond, and I’d like to see it finished for him.
  5. I’d like to have an outdoor kitchen and picnic area to cook for family and friends and still be a part of the fun.
  6. We enjoy entertaining.  I’d like to have a space that says, “Welcome.  Come play.  Relax, and have fun.”
  7. I’d like a place like a hot tub that my husband and I can enjoy together when the children are in bed. 

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