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Living Spaces: Backyard Makeover 2006 - Finalist #1


Name:  Todd Witt

Town:   Mineola


Reasons for backyard makeover:


  1. In 1999, my wife and I sat on a four-wheeler in the middle of the pasture and prayed that God would provide the resources for us to move to the family homestead and develop the property to serve organizations that help kids.  Winning would be an answer to prayer.
  2. We have an organization that finds resources for non-profits that help kids.  Our house and backyard are designed to serve as one of the resources that we make available to several local organizations.  The house is finished and the backyard makeover would allow us to complete the vision.
  3. Our backyard is currently serving kids from Mineola, Grand Saline, Alba, and Golden.  It also serves as a weekend retreat for many college students serving kids as summer counselors at Sky Ranch in Van.  Selecting our yard would benefit kids from at least five communities in the KLTV viewing area.
  4. The property is part of a 60 year family homestead.  The inside of the house incorporates many of the original materials and features of the old house and surrounding area.  The site of the original house is in the back yard.  On that site we would like to develop an outdoor gathering area that continues this theme.  We want to use the property to help the kids gain an appreciation for the history of the region.  The designers could help us bring old and new together.
  5. We have several large groups of kids out for cookouts (100+) and we need better facilities to support this activity.
  6. The topography of the backyard offers the sponsors a variety of options for expressing their creativity and product capabilities.
  7. My father-in-law grew up on the property and always plants a huge garden and gives produce to several low-income families.  In his retirement he volunteers with the Baptist Builders doing makeovers of churches, retreat centers, crisis centers, etc.  He gave us the property because he believed in the vision.  A makeover of his homestead would honor an ordinary guy that for years has quietly given his time and resources to others. 

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